Hobby Electronics

Laser cutting

Hobby Electronics provides a fast turnaround laser cutting and etching service. Great for all kinds of projects including: prototyping, signage, artistic one offs or even getting products into production.

If you have a design in mind that is not in our accepted formats, we can provide design services for $65 an hour.

Our laser cutting service starts from just $19.


Materials: Acrylic, MDF, Wood, Cork, Rubber, Paper/Card, Fabric, Leather.
size: 1200*900mm
Maximum thickness: 10mm Acrylic but max thickness depends on material
File Types: For cutting we prefer DXF, for etching we prefer Jpg or Bmp. Other file types may be accepted but we will need to transfer them. This will incur aditional fees please email for details.

We stock 2mm, 4mm, 10mm acrylic and 3mm MDF so if you use these it will be cheaper as we already have the machine settings for them.